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The Way I Am // Disposable Teens

The Way I Am // Disposable Teens

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Limited Edition Zine By Neil Massey
Designed and published by Museum of Youth Culture

The Noughties had barely begun. Two American rockstars were courting controversy to win the top spot as the ultimate anti-hero. This distinctive book captures the captivating effect such idols had on young people at the time. These shared stories of teenage fandom are presented and bound into one spread, with each fanbase occupying one half of the book. In 2001, Marilyn Manson and Eminem took to the stage at London Docklands Arena a month apart. In the queue, their teenage fans burn bibles and brandish their middle finger whilst their parents wonder what happened to their sweet children. The screaming fans, angry protesters, hysteria in the papers - going to these gigs brought with it the teen kudos of causing outrage and panic amongst adults. 

A5 Full Colour Zine
2 Covers
44 Pages
Edition of 100

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