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God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines: The Book

God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines: The Book

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Jennifer Washington with Jeff Alulis and Kristian R. Hill with Foreword by David Grandison Jr.

At the heart of Techno music is a pulse that has been beating since the 1980s. For Detroit natives Jennifer Washington and Kristian R. Hill, this pulse became a lifeline as their business and creative worlds aligned after a chance meeting in 2010. They joined filmmaking forces with an international team of like-minded storytellers and took on big money decisions, life changing travels, and unexpected setbacks — all to illuminate the Black origins of this funky hi-tech Detroit sound that inspires electronic dance music today. ‘GSGEDM: The Book’ chronicles a personal story of how the camera-toting Washington Hill Pictures team made the ‘God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines’ documentary over a 12-year timeline, and put Detroit on the map as an official music capital of the world. 

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